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The Loughborough Half Marathon and Team Relay event is a 13.1mile measured course. This event is organised by local charity Living Without Abuse.

Event AddressLoughborough

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How to volunteer and support our event....

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us  on the day of the Loughborough Half Marathon & Team Relay Sunday 29th March 2020

There are various ways to get involved both before and on the day of the event

Can you help please??

We are looking for...

***Volunteers to marshal the route to ensure everyones safety on the day and of course to cheer the runners on

*** Volunteers to help with the set up of registration and the water  stations at Charnwood College

***volunteers to look after the water stations along the route giving out water as the runners/walkers pass by

***Volunteers to hand out Jelly Babies to the runners - they really appreciate this :-)

If you are interested in helping  please do contact Holly on 01509 273905 or e-mail I would love to hear from you.

You really will make a difference by helping at our event as we totally rely on volunteers to hold this event.






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