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About Loughborough, Registration and  The Route

Loughborough Half Marathon 2020 We will have Marshals and Traffic Management along the route

2017 route

Starting in the sports field of Charnwood College – do a little lap of the sports field Head out of the gate entrance 5 of the college.

Once out of the college gate 5 turn left onto Thorpe Hill Road keeping left , and head down the hill towards the  roundabout.

At the roundabout turn left into Kenilworth Ave and take a right up Wollaton Avenue heading onto Buckingham Drive, follow this road round to the right (then turns into Sandringham Drive) Cross over Sandringham Drive to go across the green bridge that leads onto Black Brook way

Follow the path on Black Brook way all the way to the end go up the steps and turn left going   over the white bridge onto Buckingham Drive

Carry on around Buckingham Drive until you get to the turning for Althorpe Drive Turn right onto Althorpe and then Right into Coe Avenue which leads you into  the Garendon Estate

Follow the path in Garendon Estate which will bear left and then right leading you onto Hathern Drive track Loop 1 *Along Hathern Drive take a left into butthole lane ( this will be a right on loop 2)  

Carry on along Butthole lane until you get to the motorway bridge and cross over the bridge Continue along Butthole lane then   bear right onto the path that leads onto Blacksmith Avenue At the end of Blacksmith Avenue take a right onto Countrymans Way leading to Hathern Road.

Turn right onto Hathern Road continue on this road until you get to the motorway bridge Carry on under the motorway bridge onto Shepshed road continue until you reach the  Hathern Cross Roads

At the crossroads turn right into Loughborough Road, continue along this road until you get to the Green gate leading to the Hathern Drive track  turn right onto this track Follow the  Hathern Drive (track)  until you get to the track on the left leading back  onto butthole lane and do the loop again (From * above)

Once you have completed the loop for the second time you need to head back out onto Coe Avenue And turn right into Althorpe Drive.

Follow this along until you get to the  pathway on the right that leads up  to the college side gate

Head through the  side gate and then right again  through the gate straight onto the sports field  towards the finish line   to collect your medal, goody bag and drink .


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