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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this event suitable for wheelchair users?

You would need to have all weather tyres as this race is on all surfaces from road to cross country. To discuss further please contact 

2. Where can I park

There will be plenty of parking at Charnwood College, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, LE11 4SQ

3. What time do I need to arrive?

You can arrive anytime from 7.30am, this will give you time to collect your race number and chip timing (if not already done so), store your baggage and proceed to the starting point. The Loughborough Half Marathon will start promptly at 9am – there will also be a ‘warm up’ prior to the start. 

***Unfortunately late starters will not be allowed to compete and will not be timed***


4. What do I need to bring with me?

You need to ensure you have your running gear and running shoes with you. You also need to bring along your confirmation e-mail to collect your running number and chip timing. It is also an idea to bring some dry warm clothes for after the race

5. Do I have to wear my race number?

You must wear your race number on the front of your top, visible at all times. The number must belong to the entrant and the number is not transferable. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in instant disqualification.

6. How many entrants will there be on the day?

Race will be limited in numbers in 2020

7. Will there be water stations for me on the course?

Yes there will be a water station on the course

8. What happens if I am a slow runner and take longer than the 3 ½ hours?

Marshals and officials will only be on the course for 3 ½ hours, after this time [12.30pm] we cannot guarantee to be there to guide and help you on the route.  

9. Can I listen to my music or bring my dog with me for company?

Unfortunately the answer is NO to both points. We do not advise listening to music as you need to be fully alert to the surrounding potential hazards and you need to be able to listen to the guidelines from the marshals AT ALL TIMES. 

From 1 April 2016, a new rule regarding the wearing of head phones in road races was introduced into the 2016-2018 edition of the UKA Rules of Competition: –

“The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic.

The marshals will be reporting anyone wearing headphones to the race organiser and they may be disqualified from the race with their time NOT being recorded.

Dogs are great pets but sadly are not allowed on this route.

10. Do I get a medal?

Yes, you will receive a medal for completing the Loughborough Half Marathon 2020

11. What do I do with my chip?

Your Chip Timing is disposable and will not be collected

12. When will I get my results?

Immediate results will be available however the finalised Race results will be available on this website later in the week.

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